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We Design & Engineer Machines that make things!

Our clients make amazing products.
We craft their assembl

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Machinerio Engineering Technologies

Welcome. We’re Machinerio Engineering Technologies, and we’re disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking solutions and business ideas in area of design and pro. Our technology has already been recognized by market leaders and our scalable business model is setting the trend for industry standards. Curious to find out more? Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to request a demo.

Design Machines
Develop Special Equipment
Do Reverse Engineering
Do Value Engineering of Existing machines.
Design & Improve features of prod-uct for new market needs.
Collaborate with customers and par-ticipate in critical problem solving.
Offer extensive problem solving and quick resolutions.
We also do simple drafting & detaining type works to reduce your burden.
Help you to outsource by finding vendors.

Our Story

Machinerio Engineering Technologies is a group of professional engineers who have vast knowledge and experience in design and project management.

Our group intends to share and extend our knowledge in taking up technically challenging projects and develop a good customer base by providing high customer satisfaction.

We offer our integrated design services from the very beginning of the project and efficiently manage the project in all respects till the project execution.

We aim to deliver cost effective solutions with effective working margins.

We are interest to spread our experiences in various challenging projects using diff technologies.

Our Engineers are well known for designing systems using advanced mechanisms, pneumatic hydraulics electro-pneumatic SPM & GPMs. We also have engineer with specialization in tool design, jigs fixtures. Our Engineers are well experienced in testing using design of experimental methodologies and other functional parameter tests.

Our team is committed to deliver effective work for customer satisfaction.

We aim companies with manufacturing facilities who need design services.

We maintain confidentiality with each customer and we sign non-disclosure agreement with our customer where customer product knowledge is always with our customers. Also we do not intend to deal directly the end users or your customers directly Please share your experiences/feedbacks on our Linkedin Profile to let other customers.

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Our Services

Machine Design

  • SPMs & GPMs

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Assembly Automation

  • Process Automation

  • Testing & Inspection Machines

  • Powder Metallurgical Equipment

  • Hydraulic Press

Packaging Equipment Design

  • Stretch wrapping Machine

  • Automated Strapping Machine

  • Taping Machine

Food Processing Equipment Design

Hygienic conveyor for processing

Blanching Lines

Coating Line

Frying Lines

Blast Freezers

Low Tension Spiral Freezers

Dryers & Rosters

Seasoning System


Structural Analysis & Design

  • Skid mounted

  • Structured pipe racks

  • Equipment Supporting Structures

  • Material Handling Equipment’s & Supporting Structures

  • Stress and fatigue analysis of structures using FEA

  • Preparation of GA Drawings, Fabrication Drawing, BOM

Material Handling

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Slat Conveyor

  • Hi-Speed Gantries

  • Conveyors

  • Robotic Arms and Pick & Places.

  • tools and tackles

  • TOD & Turn tables.

  • Roller conveyors(power n free)

  • Pick and Place - Pneumatic, cam, electro-pneumatics and servos.

CAD Services

  • Mechanical Drafting

  • Electrical Drafting

  • Structural Drafting

  • Piping & Instrumentation Drawing

  • MEP Drafting

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Re-Engineering

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Our Pune Address:


+91 779 849 7921

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